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Food-processing project

  • Wheat processing complex
  • Starch syrup production
  • Distilleries (production of potable as well as anhydrous alcohol)
  • Citric acid production
  • Processing of agricultural products to raw materials for food industry

On the sugar market there is a long-term tendency preferring besides classical sucrose also other sugar made from starch, polysaccharide, which is, following the cellulose, the most widespread saccharine in the nature. We can offer you the complete industrial plant for starch syrup production, beginning from input of primary raw material (corn, wheat flour), via wheat starch production till the final product i.e. starch syrup. The offered technology, based on successive enzyme splitting of starch, represents today's state-of-the-art development, lasting longer then 25 years. At the same time it shows the change concentrated on one from the most important branches of food-processing industry, i.e. transformation from a kind of art into the scientific founded biotechnology.


Starch syrup production is divided into the following process units :

  • Starch milk preparation
  • Liquefying and dextrination
  • Dextrine solution cooling
  • Work-saccharification
  • Light juice refining
  • Syrup evaporation
  • Syrup storage

In case of interest we can design and deliver Auxiliary units like:

  • Boiler house
  • Compressor house
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Others
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